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Scott's Aircraft Build Logs
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Date:  1-4-2019
Number of Hours:  5.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Wings update - 01

Well it is 4 January and I need to get back into writing about my build process. I was a lot better when I was building my RV-7. Out of practice I guess.

After spending several days getting the forward and aft spars aligned both horizontally and vertically I spent a good amout of time checking for any twists or sways in the wing structure. Satisfied that it was straight I went to work getting each center rib in the correct location and ready to drill to the forward and aft spars. Each rib need to be placed vertically to ensure correct edge distance for the rivets as well as horizontally to ensure it aligned with the skin placement. This took more time than I anticipated but will be worth the effort when I skin the wing structure.

I drill each rib #30 for AN470-4 rivets, five in the aft spar and six in the forward spar, by fifteen ribs is 165 rivet locations. Now that they are drilled to size I can remove the ribs for deburring and priming. Normally I would not prime the inner structure of the wing but the other wing is primed. So to be consistant I will prime these ribs as well.

Before I can remove the ribs I need to place the nose ribs and drill those as well.
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