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Scott's Aircraft Build Logs
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Date:  3-6-2015
Number of Hours:  5.00
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Brief Description:  Odd little tasks completed --- almost

Worked on small tasks that need to be completed. I finished the terminal block for the autopilot system. It is mounted under the Co-Pilot's seat. The shelf is riveted to the ribs and the terminal block is screwed to the shelf using number 6 screws and platenuts. I will run the wires as soon as I finish drilling one more opening in a rib.

I riveted the longeron (2 places) under the horizontal stabilizer. You can not see it in image two, but I drilled out five locations when I was using the fairings from Vans. After switching to Fairings-etc I decided I only needed four (one each side.)

Finished attaching the Adel clamps for the ADAHRS cable running from the net hub to the ADAHRS unit.

Then I spent an hour working on the air vent / headset mounts. It turned into an epic failure of fabrication. Back to the drawing board tonight and a new set tomorrow. What a waste of time.
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