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Scott's Aircraft Build Logs
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Date:  11-18-2015
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Engine work - 05

I received my panel back from UpNorth Aviation, Bill cut it on his CNC machine. So this is now ready for the wiring to begin.

I pulled the fuel pump and cleaned up all the teflon tape I found on the threads. This is a mid-time engine and who ever put the pump on last time used teflon tape. The fuel line fittings are on and clocked, so it is ready to install. I am waiting on the gasket and it can go back on.

When the fuel pump gets installed I will also reinstall the magneto I serviced. The left mag sits right in front of the fuel pump, so it is easier to install the fuel pump first.

The last few items on the engine are the engine control cables and the custom fuel lines. Then it is full time wiring.
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