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Scott's Aircraft Build Logs
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Date:  11-6-2015
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Engine work - 01

After hanging the engine it was time to start working on the various systems that need to be connected. The first task was the removal of the old baffling. It was cracked in a lot of places. As I have the new baffling kit it just makes sense to pull off the old. I am keeping it as a template to help when I build the new. The engine also came with a plenum so the old baffling will help me fit the plenum when I get to that point.

I realized shortly after removing the baffling that the old engine oil pressure flow restrictor fitting was an unknown. I really did not check it out before installating the engine which was a big mistake. Was there a restrictor in the fitting? Turned out there was not. As you can see in image two there is no way to remove the fitting due to the upper right engine mount. To get it out I had to take that engine Lord mount out. The whole process took about two hours but in the end there is a new flow restrictor in place now.
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