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Date:  9-21-2013
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Vertical Stabilizer

Now that I have properly started the front spar of the horizontal stabilizer, I turned my attention back to the vertical stabilizer. Time to start riveting the rear spar. I set the first three rivets in the top hinge with the rivet gun without difficulty. I decided to try the pneumatic squeezer for the forth and the -5 rivet started to bend over just like they did on the HS. I partially engaged the pneumatic on the next few rivets and found I could line up the pneumatic much more accurately and minimize the bent rivets.

After riveting the rear spar, I riveted the ribs to the front spar and clecoed the skin onto the assembly and started riveting. Next learning point: even though I was using the flush rivet swivel head with the rubber edges, this tool still leaves a subtle mark on the skin. GEE- I think I know what those rivet tape circles from Isham are for just lying in my toolbox. I also learned that taping my bucking bar is much easier on the primer finish as well. Almost finished all of the VS rivets but not quite. Will have to wait for tomorrow as company due over in 15 minutes.
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