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Date:  9-7-2013
Number of Hours:  0.20
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Horizontal Stabilizer

Moved on to front spar. Discovered that Nick and I had incorrectly clecoed HS 710 and 714 to HS 702 on 1 September so match drilling was incorrect. Looked at plans showing relationship of 710 to 702 after 702 trimmed. A great waste of time as I had already tapered 710 and 714 as well as de-burred all of the drilled holes. Good learning experience. The little voice did tell me that the gap in the 702s was not correct. Oh well-Called Vans and Ordered new HS 702s, 710 and 714. $81 mistake-could have been worse.
Will move on to the Vertical Stab while waiting for replacement parts to arrive.
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