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Rob's REBVAIR Project
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Date:  4-13-2020
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Panel Interconnect complete

After a few more hours during the weekend attempting to get the EFIS and GPS400W to talk to each other, I gave up in frustration. But not before taking a number of pictures of the various error codes on both devices, and writing up a description of the issues for GRT staff. Monday evening, I got my answer: the Sport EX apparently comes programmed to expect the ARINC module on serial channel 1, not 4 (as was described in the ARINC install document). So after adjusting the EFIS setting to expect the ARINC on channel 4, everything worked like magic. Also had to splice the Fuel-Air data/Z 'out' so it fed the transponder AND the GPS400W, but that only took a few minutes (didn't bother with a bus like the Aviation data channel, see previous).

So it's finally done: Starting from the far left: GRT Sport EX with internal WAAS GPS driving a 2-axis AP. Guardian CO monitor just beneath that. Also a 2.25" airspeed backup indicator. Center panel from the top: compass, trutrak electric turn-n-bank (wired with a switch to the battery bus), and a back-up altimeter. These three (and the airspeed indicator) form the 'emergency backup' group in case the panel goes dark.

Then on the right panel: GTR200 garmin COMM radio, able to load frequencies called up on the EFIS. Garmin GPS400W, for IFR navigation and LNAV and LPV approaches, and a trig ADS-B out transponder. The 400W provides position data to the transponder. EFIS provides altitude data to transponder. PS3000 intercom, and ELT switch next to the avionics.

Far right is the engine instrument group: alll 2.25" non-electronic gauges, again designed to be independent of the EFIS in case the panel goes dark. Top left is the tach, followed by oil temp, and oil pressure. Lower row, EGT, CHT, and volt meter. Induction hour meter below those, and and over-voltage warning LED, plus a back-up CO warning LED.

Gotta love it.
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all the gadgets installed

all the gadgets installed

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