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Steve's CH750 Cruzer (N750SB)
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Date:  4-5-2017
Number of Hours:  4.75
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Finished mounting weldements

Removed the baggage floor on the pilot side. Attached the pilot side weldement with bolts. The vertical line of holes was slightly more aft of the extended rivet line, so I didn;t have to do any modifications to the nuts on this side like on the passenger side. Torqued the AN3 and AN4 bolts to 25 and 60 inch/lbs as best I could. Access to the nuts is very poor, so mostly I turned the bolt and added about 10 inch/lbs as a compensating factor. Riveted the lower center holes on the weldementas from the inside, and the end holes from the outside. All those holes needed to have a drill run through to clean up slight misalignment. Nothing about this process was easy, but in the end, the weldements appear to be nice and snug to the fuselage and skin.
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