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Steve's CH750 Cruzer (N750SB)
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Date:  6-1-2018
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Starting final panel

The guy who was going to cut my panel bailed on me. So instead of having it CNC cut, I will do it myself old-school with the tools I have at hand. Prior to him wanting to help on my panel, I had ordered a used 2 1/4 knockout punch from ebay for the round holes. I used a number of techniques from the HBH Tip of the Week archive.

Started out by removing the original panel to use as an outline template. Then starting from right to left, I measured and cut the holes for the map box, power panel, Viking View, radios, fuel gauge, trim switch/indicator, and ELT switch. As I cut each hole, I test-fit and drilled the necessary mounting holes. I used the old panel to mark the outline and cut it with the band saw.

Used the original panel to locate bottom holes for the piano hinge.

I still have some holes to drill for the accessory and USB jacks, and will be adding a system for attaching the tablet, but I'm pleased so far.
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Final panel in progress

Final panel in progress

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