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Date:  6-21-2014
Number of Hours:  4.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Canopy gluing

Glued the canopy to the frame using SIKAflex 295. Masked off the canopy with masking tape. Cleaned the canopy and the frame using the SIKA 226 cleaner. Primed both with the SIKA 209 primer. Primer was very runny and messy! Used pieces of a garden hose as 1/8” spacers around the frame. Clamped from the middle of the front and back outwards to push the excess canopy outwards. Clamped the canopy at all of the spacers and sat it on saw horses. Squeezed the SIKA out with a caulk gun and used my finger to push it down in the gap and create a fillet. Applied the SIKA from the top and bottom sides of the frame to ensure adequate coverage.
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