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Date:  10-5-2006
Number of Hours:  1.50
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Brief Description:  Elevator trim torque rod

When I put the horizontal stab on I forgot to install the elevator trim torque rod. So today I took off the left elevator and stab. I drilled the bellcrank and torque rods in the drill press then bolted the bellcrank onto the torque rods. The tubes that the torque rods slide into had been painted so using emory cloth I sanded the inside of the torque rod tubes down to bare metal. Then I slid the torque rods into both stabs, reinstalled the left stab, and bolted the torque rod bellcranks together. Some of you will notice that I used the incorrect nut on the bolt holding the bellcranks together. Most of the components will come off in the future and the correct bolt and nut combinations will be used on final assembly.
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