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Date:  5-21-2006
Number of Hours:  4.00
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Brief Description:  EAA Tech counselor visit

I had a visit from Jere, my EAA Technical Counselor today. Overall everything went well. He made some suggestions for improving my riveting and gave me a couple of things to correct but nothing major. While I was waiting for him to arrive I started on some things in preparation for mounting the flaps and ailerons. There are three pieces of curved sheet aluminum that go on the trailing edge of the wing behind the rear spar and from the top wing skin to the bottom. They really neaten up the appearance of the back of the wing but I don't know why they are only covering the aileron portion of the wing and not the flap portion too. Anywho they stuck out about 1/8" further than the wing skin so I marked and cut off the excess. In the picture the top has been trimed flush and if you look carefully you can see that I still have the bottom to trim.
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