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Date:  4-30-2006
Number of Hours:  12.00
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Brief Description:  Wing top skin

For the last several days Sharon and I have been riveting the top wing skin. This is by far the least fun thing we've done so far. I estimate that there are over 500 rivets to set on the top alone. You have to start at the front spar and that's a pretty long reach with the bucking bar. I'm running the gun and Sharon is bucking. As we get close to the rear of the wing it gets a little easier but now she's having to reach through the lightening holes in the rear spar with the bucking bar and limited visibility is becoming an issue. I've ordered some structural Cherry rivets which I may use in some difficult applications. They are significantly more expensive than solid rivets but they can be set by one person. There is a false spar at the rear of the fuel tank bay that doesn't have lightening holes. The part of the skin that you see around the fuel tank bay that has the clecos will have to be bucked from the bottom through the fuel tank access opening. I'm periodically checking the wing with my Smart Level to assure that it's flat and that I'm not building in any wing twist.
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