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Date:  2-10-2013
Number of Hours:  7.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Cowling and baffle seals

With the help of a friend who's worked with this stuff .. I started covering the hinge rivets with epoxy and fiberglass strips. Going to take a lot of sanding and filling .. but should look way better than the rivet heads potentially popping thru the paint in the future.
I then spent some time on the baffle seals. The baffling and cowling has been easily the most frustrating part of this build. I didn't get a full size plan sheet for SNX-P30-All .. just a small 8 x 11 sheet that you can't read. So I have no full size patterns for the strips that hold the rubber seal on. I'm on my own. Not what I expected when I bought the baffle kit.
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