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Date:  3-29-2013
Number of Hours:  6.50
Manual Reference:  Engine manual
Brief Description:  Engine

I hooked up all the plumbing and wiring to the engine. Since I decided not to run a remote filter after the failure, I made a braided hose from the pump output to the oil cooler. I also took the time to thread the oil vent adapter plate for a chrome fitting instead of just using RTV on the tubing. Looks a lot nicer.
I had one of my friends watch closely as I ran it ... no leaks ..everything good there. Had an issue with getting rpm above about 2600 ... two issues I found. I must have bumped the trigger magnet putting the engine back on .. it was off about 1/8th inch. I reset it. Also was running a little lean so I richened it up a little. Now I was getting 3020 rpm static with no mag drop there or at 2000.
I'll do a little fine tuning when I get it flying.
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