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Date:  3-27-2013
Number of Hours:  7.00
Manual Reference:  Engine manual
Brief Description:  Engine - oil filter seal failure

Bummer .. just when things were looking good I was driving around on the ramp right by the hangar swinging the compass and oil pressure when to zero. i quick went to the hangar and shut it down. What a mess .. the seal on the spin on filter failed and lost most of the oil. All over the engine compartment and one side of the plane. Grrrrrr.
I emailed tech and Kerry said most likely it was fine under the circumstances I gave him. I thought about it and decided to pull the engine and tear it down and check the bearings. So I spent the rest of the day pulling it and tearing it apart. Everything was fine inside .. and now I feel better.
Called the DAR I was working with and told him what happened and I'd get back to him to finalize a time for inspection.
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