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Ron Lendon's Aircraft Mfg.
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Date:  2-4-2010
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Counter balance snag in the LAA drawings

This aileron balance arm is as far to the inboard as the tolerances allow following the guidance of the Zenith 6-zu-4 dated Revision 1.01 (1/26/10).

I took the aileron and attached it to the other wing, ( they are mirrors), and swung it at the hinge. It is to close to the intersection of the wingtip and lower skin. The arm will need to be bent about 2.5" towards the inboard.

The last picture shows where the edge would have projected to if only the LAA prints were used for placement. The outboard edge of the L-Angle touching the right edge of the square blade is where the inboard edge of the arm would have landed, still a little close.

I will make wood forms to box the part while bending with C-Clamps. The box will keep warpage and twisting to a minumim.
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