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Date:  10-29-2019
Number of Hours:  8.30
Manual Reference:  7-10
Brief Description:  Flaps, Wiring and Pitot Tube

Today I finished the prep on the flaps to get them ready to prime and assemble. It was basically the same steps as the first flap.

Once that was done I moved on to prepping for wiring the wing. I ran the conduit I purchased from Vans through the holes I drilled in the ribs of both wings.

After that I began working on installing the Gretz mount for my pitot tube. I fabricated an angle to mount to the rib on the outboard side of the last inspection panel on the left wing. I used a flange off of a spare rib for the elevator that I had laying around. I then match drilled the holes in the mounting flange to the main spar holes. I then removed everything and drilled holes to mount the plate to the skin.
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