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Date:  8-13-2019
Number of Hours:  3.90
Manual Reference:  29-11 & 12
Brief Description:  Install Fuselage Forward Side Skins

Okay, a bit of a rant today as this was possibly the most frustrating day I've yet to experience on the -10. This is my third slow build RV, so I do have a bit of experience with the metal working process. In fact, compared to my early -6 (nothing pre-drilled) and my -8 (only skins drilled), the -10 is an amazingly easy and precise build. Everything has fit like a glove and the building process has been a joy. But today I tackled bending the cone in the two front side skins. I followed the plans exactly but had all kinds of trouble. First, these bends are small and the skin is thick which makes it that much more diffcult to execute. Second, using the Vice-Grip clamps is an accident waiting to happen. After much yelling, screeming, cussing and sweating I got the bends completed. I suspect they'll take further work to get them to nest properly. The mid fuse skin bends were much easier as were the bends on the -6 and -8. But what I don't understand, given the quality of the remainer of this kit, is why on earth Van's doesn't just go ahead and make these bends. But I suspect that's asking too much. After all, other builders have done the bends and not gone on such a rant. But I do feel better and tomorrow is another day.

Oh, I also did a bit of forward structure preparation as well.
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