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Date:  10-28-2010
Number of Hours:  2.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Final assembly

Repitched the prop. It is now getting about 5200 rpm static. I think I'll leave it there for now. Since we're carrying a little extra weight around, might be nice to have the extra rpm on takeoff and climb.

I messed around a little with the intercom/ radio. I was also having a problem with the volume level in my headset. Seemed a little low overall, and my right ear cup had significantly more volume than the left. I plugged Markay's Bose in and it was fine. Hmm...Head scratching time.

I decided to goof around with her headset, since I really didn't want to crawl under the panel this evening. I remember reading that her battery powered Bose has a mono/stereo switch under the battery cover, and it was normally set to mono. I flipped the switch to stereo and low and behold, it behaved just like mine with the low volume. Damn, more head scratching. Just for the hell of it, I decided to plug hers into the back seat jacks, since I haven't done that yet. No change...except... I noticed the plate the jacks are mounted to seemed a little loose.

Welllllll, one of the aluminum adel clamps had pulled loose from the pop rivet; I checked with a mirror, and the bottom ear of the clamp was touching one of the jack contacts. I held the clamp away from the jack, and the headset volume problem disappeared and I had stereo music (unfortunately it didn't solve the other intercom/ radio issues!) I reattached the clamp with a screw and nut since I didn't have any large pop rivets. At least one issue is solved.

Man, you just never know where wiring gremlins will show up...
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