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Date:  7-16-2005
Number of Hours:  6.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Prime Parts

Painted HS and some rudder parts. Scrubbed parts with red scotchbrite and PPG DX533 aluminum cleaner, sprayed on Henkel MetalPrep 79 and allowed minutes to etch prior to thoroughly rinse, finally sprayed and/or soaked parts in tray using Henkel Alodine 1201. Parts were allowed to dry. Final clean prior to paint within an hour of alodine was accomplished using PPG DX 330 wax and grease remover. Primer used was Insignia 3200 Yellow Chromate Epoxy Primer with Insignia 0200 Catalyst. As the temerature in the paint booth was mid 90's, 50% reducer was used (Insignia Red 0009 Fast 2 Component Epoxy Reducer).
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