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Date:  5-18-2016
Number of Hours:  14.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Left wing

Today 16/5/16 I will begin the second wing construction however much of the base work has been done.

106 hours for the first wing.

Spars - complete
Ribs - complete
Nose ribs - complete
Fittings - complete (just some buffing for the left wing ones)
Jigs - complete

It really is just a matter of assembling, cutting and sanding the compression ribs and diagonals, using the jigs to drill holes in the spars. Nothing new to see here.

I will keep a running total of hours on this page and continue onto the next when this wing is done.

At this time the ailerons will be cut from the both wings and built as well as attaching the leading edge nose ribs and plywood covering.

The left wing took just 14 hours to get to the same stage as the right hand one over 3 days.

Totalling 120 hours for the 2 wings brings the average to 60 hours per. Still have to build the ailerons and attach nose ribs then cover the leading edge with plywood....a little while to go yet.
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LH wing

LH wing

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