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2 Much Flying - Log
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Date:  3-28-2009
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  7-9
Brief Description:  Rudder Assembly

The 2 rudder halves are completely assembled individually. Riveted the spars to the skins. I am not totally happy with the back riveting job I did - The tape on my back rivet plate I determined was overlaped and cause an unusual bowing to the head of the rivet where the tape was thicker.
Of course i did not discover that until the last rivet section - removed the tape and applied a thin not doubled up layer and low and behold nice flush rivets. It;s not the end of the world and structurally it's fine. Just not completely smooth which ticks me off, but not enough to drill out all those rivets and start over or order new parts - I will likely some day build a new rudder with an integrated trim tab so this will do. I am going to add the trim hinge on the back of this one - again for experience sake.

I am very interested in designing and building an integrated rudder trim system - but that's for another day - particularly when my skills are higher.

On to the pro-seal step. Waiting for Roy Allen Servo and Vans Servo Template parts.
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