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2 Much Flying - Log
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Date:  2-19-2009
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  page 1, steps 1,2
Brief Description:  Begain tailkit step 1

Well finally got after the kit -

step 1 - cut the vertical stab fins - no problems on the handy band saw - cut outside the line and use the best / disc sander unit to take the remainder off and smooth the surface a bit - sander currently has 100 on it - a bit too aggressive but works. Just more file work.

Then i files all the edges smooth and hit it with my air grinder with my polishing wheel.


All done no sharp or rough spots.

On to step 2.

Match drill the stiffners on to the vertical stab. Done on one side - deburred and cleco'd in place.

Will finish the other side tommorrwo and move on.
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