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2 Much Flying - Log
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Date:  1-2-2009
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Air system #1

I began to layout the final stages of the air system. I have hung enough metal black pipe air systems to know I didn’t really want to do that in my shop. There are so many better products on the market. I do not recommend PVC as I have seen many builders use. Aluminum is the best but unless you are running an auto body shop or just like overkill (like me) then I recommend RapidAid System. This is the best stuff I have seen - high pressure poly tube. It flows better than 3.8 inch hose.

My system will have 3 air supply points inside the workshop area and 3 outside in the main shop area.

Workshop (Inside) -

#1 outlet will run at compressor max which is 135 psi (this one will have no oil and be used only for compressed air (no tools).

#2 Outlet will run to the over head spring loaded hose winder via a regulator like the one shown and be preset to 90 psi.

#3 outlet (shown below) will be regulated to 40 psi.

Of course, this is completely over engineered but I wanted the ability to change pressures in side the workshop without going out and simply regulating the main system pressure. I wanted to make sure i ran the system all out for maximum cfm before the regulator.

You will notice as I post more pictures that I did not use any of the 90 degree elbows in the kit - I opted for using straight fittings only and using the pipe to gently bend - this will significantly decrease the cfm loss of the system. (That’s the theory).

The compressor puts out 12 cfm at its peak pressure of 135 psi. I am trying to minimize that loss is all.

I do not own an air tool that claims it consumes more than 11 cfm @ 90 psi - With the 60 gallon tank and 100% continuous duty compressor - I think I'll be in good shape.


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