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Date:  8-20-2009
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Wing Spar Pieces

- Finished cutting out the second wing spar W10-01, including deburring and smoothing edges

- Finished cutting out W10-02 (1 of 2), including deburring and smoothing edges

- Rough cut out W10-02 (2 of 2). When this one is finished I have cut out all the major wing spar pieces. Next will be drilling the miriad of holes. I will also be working on cutting out the rear spar pieces from .032 aluminum, and then bending them to form channels. Need to find a 9' long bending brake.

- Made bracket W23-08

Not bad for 2 hours work. See the note below for one of the reasons tonight went faster.

Made an interesting observation about using the shears. If the blades are held vertical the aluminum is difficult to cut (lots of pressure needed). If you hold the shears at about a 15 degree angle off of vertical, they cut aluminum almost like scissors thru posterboard.
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