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Bill's RV-10 Builder Page
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Date:  10-14-2010
Number of Hours:  6.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Painting a wing - redux

Well, when I went down early this morning before sleep, I didn't particularly like the level of orange peel I had. Decided to sleep on it but when I went down in the morning I still didn't like. Way too much peel, seemed dry in places, not enough paint in places. Not to mention a giant fisheye where some sweat dripped - dead center top of the wing.

I thought about soliciting some advice from the pros down the street but a theory and a plan developed that had to be executed quickly.

The problem I think may have been twofold.
1) I had warmed the paint on the aileron and flap. Didn't check the temp but a warm bath may have helped. When I took the half empty can in to order some more and get a shake, the paint guy asked, "what happened to the label?" I told him about the warm water bath and he said that's the first time he ever heard anyone doing that. But Dupont is quite specific about the paint being at 80 to 95F and the painted surface being at least 70F. The paint guy said it must be for proper VISCOSITY and that makes sense in this unthinned paint world.

2) I had tried to move the gun a little faster to lay down less paint. That was because it seemed I was using a lot more paint than others were, though they may be using different systems. I also watched some pros paint this same imron on a boat hull. They go real fast but as the paint guy said, they are using higher pressures, more air, and getting better atomization than I'm probably getting. Less paint was probably fine on the primer but not good for Imron SS.
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Both wings - I can obsess on orange peel but they look pretty damn nice!

Both wings - I can obsess on orange peel but they look pretty damn nice!

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