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Bill's RV-10 Builder Page
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Date:  7-25-2010
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Problems sanding next coat of filler

I sprayed another coat (2 passes) of the filler in very hot humid weather. Though my shop has AC, the paint booth ventilation draws in the outside air. I shot in the morning when it was a bit cooler (80s) and all seemed to go well.

When I tried to sand 4-6 hours later, my paper became very clogged, very fast. I got little pills forming on th paper and on the cowling surface. The pills quickly became imbedded on the surface and had to be cut or sanded out with fresh paper! Is the problem that I shot this stuff when it was too hot and/or humid or, as it seems to be, that I can't sand this stuff in humid conditions. my paint guy called it cheesing but not sure what else he really knew. Doing this work in AC seemed to help. Waiting for drier days seems in order.

A few notes on sanding - I'm using grits 180 220 (and planning to got to 320 as recommended on the data sheets for the filler). Per recommendation by my paint guy and the web, this should be dry sanded with 'white' or 'red' or 'gold' paper (who knows) but definitely dry. What's not immediately clear is that you are going to use a TREMENDOUS amount of this stuff. You don't buy sheets but rolls. The rolls are cheap but you need to change them at the first sign of clogging, or better, when they stop cutting properly. That is sometimes only a dozen or 2 stokes. And light strokes seems to be better than high pressure strokes. Lot's of learning curve here.

I also tried a 5", 5 hole orbital sander from ATS with vacumn attachment. First, the vacuum works great. AT first I used a 'red' 220 grit paper, hand punched the 5 holes, and found it was a good way to cut down the raw primer down to a point where I could hand black sand it. On the second coat, I obtained some proper 5", 5hole 'gold' paper. This stuff was somehow horribly more effective than the red. It was impossible to use without immediately cutting thru the filler down to the glasss. I quickly put this whold contraption away and stuck with hand equipment. I'm guess the DA
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Orbital (no DA) sander with vacumn hose

Orbital (no DA) sander with vacumn hose

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