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Bill's RV-10 Builder Page
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Date:  5-15-2010
Number of Hours:  0.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Paint product selection

After much data sheet diving, I decided on the following:

Composite parts: Lohle Wonderfil pinhole filler followed by Dupont 1480S primer filler
(the Lohle pinhole filler seems to be particularly effective on the very needy engine cowling). Wonderfil is apparently a repackaging of another product but Lohle has it's use nailed in his writeups so...
Superfil epoxy filler for big build up areas. Metal Glaze polyester 'bondo' for lighter patching. Basically followed Lohle's excellent writeup but used Dupont filler instead of his.

Aluminum parts: 1 step Prekote instead of 2 step etch and alodine.

Aluminum and composite: Dupont 1380 urethate primer sealer (see Sept/Oct log entries for a change to this)

Topcoat is Duipont Elite Single Stage (Took me until September to finally close on this decision due to color selection challenges)

What I didn't do: I found Mike Lohle's writeups extremely useful and on target for the '10. I almost used his products but 1) he's not local and a local paint distribiutor is a valuable resource and 2) his topcoat products somehow didn't seem as 'good' as the latest urethane products from Dupont/PPG, etc. What do I mean? I don't know. However, if I decide to refinish my Maule, I will likey use Mike's products because he seems to have focused on fabric covering solutions and I thing going with someone's 'core compentency' is a good bet. I'm thinking Dupont doesn't know fabric from hemp.... oh, they probably do but whatever.

Let me say this again, Mike's Wonder Fil really seems to work well on pinholes. Can't even find one after one coat of filler except where I didn't use the WonderFil. According to a posting on Matronics RV10 list, Wonderfil is a repackaging of a 3M product. But Mike has it packaged, its use well documented, and it does work so, Thanks Mike!
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The complete line-up with a change in primer

The complete line-up with a change in primer

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