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Date:  4-30-2011
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  7-6
Brief Description:  Rudder - Fit Skins

Step 1 - Cleco R-1012 conterbalance rib to R-1002. Final drill two holes that attach the rib to the spar.

Step 2 - Cleco together the R-1003A/B to form Top Rib and rinal drill the common holes except the spar attachment hole with #30.

Step 3 - Debur edges of R-1001 skins and cleco 1 skin to the rudder skeleton.

Step 4 - Cleco R-1006 trailing edge to R-1001 skin. Mark area of trailing edge that hangs over skin and sand or file to remove excess.

Step 5 - Clecoed second skin in place

Step 6 - Final drill holes common to R-1001 with #40 reamer. Marking each hole as I move from the center of the spar outward in both directions.
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