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Date:  12-15-2015
Number of Hours:  6.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Refine electrical main power distribution design

I cleaned up the drawing of what I will call the primary electrical architecture. There are still some details to fill in, but the primary stuff is there.

I plan on a two alternator, one battery system using the Z13/8 plan modified to include the VP-X pro ECB/Electrical control system. My goal was to eliminate going dark in any single point failure and allow single switch recovery to necessary function. So this is how it works.

The VP-X will only allow one alternator to be on at a time. I followed the VP-X installation manual to set a primary and back up alternator. Plane Power 60 amp and 30 amps respectively. If the primary goes offline, the backup can be switched on with a single switch. Both are internally regulated. And both are protected from over voltage and enunciated to the main EFIS through the VP-X

If both go offline, then I have battery power to get on the ground, but will likely want to shed load.. I have a main battery buss for the basic always on stuff like entry lighting and an E buss for the necessities to bring me safely to landing. The E buss is fed through the VPX normally but can be switched over to the battery main buss with a single switch. All extra non critical electrical can be shed by turning off the main power relay and switching on the E buss.

In the case the VP-X, or Main power contactor are lost I have either 1 (or 2) 10 amp feeds (depending on what load I put on the E buss that can feed either through the VP-X (normal) or with a DPDT switch can feed through the Main battery buss. That way, if for any reason I lose the VP-X power feed, a single switch will move the E buss over to the Main battery buss with one switch. At all other times the VP-X will control power flow.
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hand drawn electrical power distridution design

hand drawn electrical power distridution design

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