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Date:  12-30-2019
Number of Hours:  50.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Final assembly, problem solving, first engine star

Well, it was my hope to fly before the end of the year. Not going to happen. Too many family obligations over the holidays and too many issues to resolve have cropped up.
When attempting the fuel flow test, the fuel pump was locked up. To pull it out, the whole center stack base, seats and tunnel cover had to come out. After a rather unpleasant call to the manufacturer, I used carb-cleaner to flush the congealed oil out and get it running. Back in the aircraft I got about 60 gal/hr flow out of each tank, with no leaks, good to go. In draining the preservative oil out of the oil pan and adding break in oil, I was cycling the engine without top plugs and ignition to pump the oil throughout, and the starter solenoid crapped out after the third cycle. Calls to Lycoming set me on the track to order a new one and follow a warranty procedure to get reimbursed. All of this pushed me back about a week.
Wings are on and buttoned up, N numbers applied in vinyl, Fuel caps labeled, everything back together.
Weight and balance were completed the day before yesterday. The weight came in at 1698 lbs with the CG at 108.47”. This compares to the factory aircraft at 1615 and CG at 106.99”. So, all of my avionics and interior added about 83 pounds. Of course, the negative is a reduction in useful load. On to plus side, the CG location means not so nose heavy.
Lastly, I had my first engine start Saturday December 28, 2019. The engine started on the second blade. I have some gage (wiring) problems to resolve, but otherwise, no leaks, all looks good.
The paperwork continues.
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