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Kupe's Zodiac 650B
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Date:  10-1-2019
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Initial Weight and Balance

Performed Bad Clown's initial weight and balance today. I purchased 3 identical digital scales, built small wooden ramps to get the tires up on the scales. I emptied the fuel tanks, made sure everything normally in the plane was in place (like the fire extinguisher) and that nothing non-standard was in the plane. Then I rolled the plane onto the scales and measured each scale individually. Total weight: 722 pounds.

I then rolled the plane back off the scales, and measured the distances from the Datum (leading edge of wing at 4th rib) to the main gear and nose gear (in mm) to determine their Arm length. Once complete, I determined the empty CG of the aircraft at 220.6 - which is forward of the CG limit. However, with normal loadouts (like a pilot!) , this is not a problem.
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