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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  1-4-2015
Number of Hours:  9.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  ELT GPS signal test, ELT & ADAHRS installed

Installed ELT/ADS-B in shelf. Tested ELT GPS cable w/Garmin GPS18 puck and oscilloscope--pulse come out indicating the ELT is getting the lat/long info. The ACK-04 ELT manual has instructions to make a test LED that blinks at with every GPS update to the ELT. (Later, I decided to mount theLED iin the middle of the cross-member behind the seats, so the state of the GPS signal going into the ELT can be monitoried at all times.) Installed the ELT on the shelf and added cable ties to the strap levers IAW the manual. Finally, I tapped the 8 holes in the ADAHRS shelf installed brass screws from underneath. The ADAHRS units' (primary and backup) flanges will go over these "studs" with a nut and washer to hold 'em down. Installed the ADAHRS and plumbed the Pitot/Static/AOA lines that run between them.
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