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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  4-15-2018
Number of Hours:  7.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Miscellaneous jobs, getting ready to weigh the a/c

Several things on 4/14 and 4/15:

--Sanded stab and fin tips back down to gel/fiberglas. Primed w/high-build. Came back on Sunday and shot Rusto gloss white. Good enough

--Measured nose fork for DIY towbar

--Installed prop and spinner. NO TORQUE on the bolts--just snugged up for weighing. The cowling isn't uniformly gapped. Will have to take some off the top cowling.

-- Installed rivets on chordwise ribs of the wingtips. Glooped dry micro all over the seam and ragged trailing edges. Came back on Sunday and sanded everything smooth. With the wingtips clecoed to the wings, struck a line parallel to the trailing edge of the ailerons. Filed and sanded the wingtip TEs to a blunt edge. Will have to see if rounding or tapering is appropriate.

--Wirebrushed light surface rust off the tie-down rings, then washed with Dawn, dumped into denatured EtOH and dried them. Sprayed with Krylon "Rust Tough" zinc-rich enamel primer. Will top coat with Krylon "Rust Tough" semi-gloss black enamel.
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