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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  3-16-2013
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  n/a
Brief Description:  Brake lines, contactors, big fat battery wire

Permanently torqued the master contactor and starter relay to the firewall. I used several pull rivets to put the required nutplates on the cabin side. Filled the mandrel holes of the rivets with Biotherm, and touched up the heater control box sealing. Biotherm-sealed the brake fluid reservior pass thru the firewall as well.

Installed the stnlss braid brake lines. Riveted two of the mini plastic zip tie anchors to a firewall stiffener to provided a place anchor lacing cord. Wrapped some silicone tape around the lines and tied 'em down.

Bent one of the 2AWG terminal lugs 90 deg. Easy bend with the lug in the jaws of a vise, cushy tape on the jaw edge bearing on the bend. Slipped the lug onto the end of 2AWG wire, stripped about 1/2", and stuffed the end with Cu wires to immobilize the terminal at the desired "clocking". Absolutely all of the 63/37 rosin core solder I had was needed to fill up the joint, heated with a propane torch.

Cut the wire to length (bandsaw worked like a charm on the soft copper) a little longer than the max needed to connect battery + terminal to the master contactor.
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