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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  8-31-2012
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Finish kit Day! Part I

Van's shipped the finish kit 8/27, due at the Roadrunner depot in Livermore on 30 Aug. I had to work the morning, and since P-town is so close they wouldn't schedule an afternoon delivery. So I arranged to pick up the crate myself on late Friday afternoon. Off I went, after Karl & I finished with the engine and I returned the rented engine crane to Cresco.

At the depot, the forklift guy and I scratched our heads a bit about how to get the 49x97x27 crate into the truck. Ultimately, he laid the crate down longways to the lowered tailgate. He then drove around to the small end, where the forks reached in far enough take most of the crate's weight, and I could easily keep the other end from tipping off the forks while he crept forward until my end was over the tailgate. It slid right between the wheel wells, fitting like a glove. If I hadn't left one of the engine crate panels in the bed (tipped up vertically at the cab end of the bed) I bet the tailgate would have just closed. No worries, a couple straps and the load would be well secured.

At that point, the forklift driver had no pen, and neither did I. Would have been outta there if one of us did, but he asked me to go back the office to sign off and of course I said sure. That's when the shipping clerk noticed "Driver collect" on the invoice. The clerk who talked to me earlier didn't say the $223.86 freight charge was COD! I had two $5 bills on me and no checkbook, and (of course) they didn't take credit cards!!
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