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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  8-5-2017
Number of Hours:  3.50
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Brief Description:  Fuel selector placard; new fuel lines

Printed up a placard for the fuel selector: black ink on white photopaper. Sprayed 3M 77 on the plate the fuel valve attaches to, then placed on the face-down print to adhere. Did 4 coats of Krylon matte finish to protect...but not before a couple scrapes, as seen in image 1. It's good enough! The two faint spots to the left and upward from the valve stem hole are bolt holes for the valve, not yet opened up. There are holes around the plate perimeter for 8-32 screws that will be opened when the time comes.

I was never happy with the 3003 Al 3/8" tube fuel lines running from the wing roots to the fuel selector valve. A bitch to bend around the main gear weldments, and the stubs got bent and scratch over the years while the fuselage was in the garage. I bought two steel-braid, conductive teflon hoses from TS Flightlines to replace them. Removed the old lines this afternoon at the hangar. Didn't have the crow-foot wrenches at the hanger to torque the new lines. I'll add some pics of the new set up to this entry tomorrow.
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