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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  8-19-2012
Number of Hours:  7.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Attach plates for the VS; fwd top fuse skin

Fabricated F-912D, the up-elevator stop from Al angle. Drilled #30 holes in the stop down the center of the angle, aligned it to the end of the aft deck and match drilled. Turns out the opening for the elevator horns didn't extend to the edge of the angle, so the edge distance of the holes in the F-714 deck wasn't up to snuff. Cut a spacer to fill in the missing F-714 from 032 Alclad, and attached it to an 032 doubler, then riveted F-912D to F-714 to Doubler as shown in Image 1.

Carefully located the F-981 VS Attach Plate: fore and aft dead center on the F-710C spacer by referencing the rivets that fasten deck to spacer to the F-710C angle; side to side on the F-714 deck center line. Trimmed the VS-702 spar per the plans and test fit the VS.

Took the parts off the fuse again to prep and prime F-912D, the spacer and doubler, F-981. Can't do more fitting/drilling without first putting the horizontal stabilizer on. The VS is then made perpendicular to the HS.

Clecoed the fwd top fuse skin F-7106 in place, ready to match-drill to the firewall flanges.
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Up elevator stop x-section

Up elevator stop x-section

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