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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  7-22-2012
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Mate fuel lines & valve, brake line...and OOPSIE!

Jiggered the 90 deg bends in the fuel lines until they made (close to) stress free AN connections to the fuel selector valve. Took valve and lines apart to apply Fuel-Lube to the valve 90 degree fittings. Put it all back together and had torqueid the fittings 1/4 turn past hand-tite.

I then installed the left brake line to the point where the fittings were ready for torque. Then I realized the fuel lines were mistakenly routed through the top holes of the spar brackets, instead of the bottom as shown quite clearly in the nice drawings Vans gives us builders to ignore at our peril. To get the lines to mate squarely with the valve fittings, a "P-trap" had been created in each line. Bad place for sediment to gather, then release en masse at some inopportune time, clog the fuel pump or filter, and create and instant glider.

Nothing for it but remove the fuel lines (with accompanying work-hardening) and replace them with new stock. The left brake line has to come out too as it's going through bushings were fuel lines should go.
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