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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  5-28-2012
Number of Hours:  9.30
Manual Reference:  8
Brief Description:  Flap parts painting/no load testing; fuel vent scr

Finish painted all of the electric flap channel parts and covers thereto. Tested flaps with 12V power supply @14.4V with the Van's provided DPDT switch: ~1A peak w/out flap or air loads. Used the Permatex blue gel locktite on the rod end bearing thread as well as the safety wire per the plans. Also loctited the two cap screws that affix the flap motor to the jackscrew assy and Torque-Sealed them to detect movement if any down the road. Torqued the rod end bearing of the jackscrew to the flap weldment and sealed it. Also torqued the rod-end bearings that will tie the weldment to the flap rods. Torque-seal applied to the nuts 3x.

Inserted the rubbber grommets for the fuel and vent lines. I appear to be missing 2 of the vent grommets (p/n AN931-4-12).

Tried to attach Al screen door patch to ends of modified fuel vent AN fittings with GE "Aluminum Metal" silicone. No good! Got sealant on the inside of the tube and couldn't clamp down the screen for a good bond.
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