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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  12-23-2006
Number of Hours:  9.00
Manual Reference:  6
Brief Description:  Horiz stab, Elevators

Csnk the HS FG tips #30 and clecoed them to HS. Fabricated .025 Al stripes to glue into the tips for the rivets to "bite" into; match drilled then to the FG tips.

Riveted doubler plates to both elevator main spars. Riveted root ribs control horn weldments to both elevator spars. Riveted the R elevator skin to top of spar: squoze rivets I could reach with the no-hole 4" yoke through the cutouts and from both ends. Set the elevator on root edge and opened the skin w/a sponge to buck the remaining top skin to spar rivets with the reach around technique as shown in manual p 6-12.

Could not pull up top skin to back rivet the bottom stiffeners. Was able to squeeze the first 4 stiffener rivets from the trailing edge. Tried buck riveting the rest of outboard stiffener's rivets. Not very good. Three bad rivets had to be drilled out. Two of them a replaced w/ oops rivets. Time to quit and think through doing the rest of the bottom stiffener rivets.
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