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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  11-18-2006
Number of Hours:  5.75
Manual Reference:  6-2
Brief Description:  Horizontal stabilizer

Finished riveting left HS skin to main ribs. (LP-4-3 pull riveted the #3 rib to front spar and #3 nose rib.) I used AD-3-4 instead of AD-3-3.5 for skin-rib, which explained several clinch overs. Drilled out and replaced all the bad rivets OK. The large bucking bar worked better for this.

Touched up scrapes on the primed surfaces (cheap model brush dipped into primer clinging to the lid of the primer jar) of the HS assy and front surface of rear HS spar. Clecoed rear HS spar in place and pull-riveted the #2,3,4 ribs to rear spar on each side. Squoze AD-4-4 rivets to outer #5 ribs each side using my pneumatic squeezer. Over-squeezed the middle rivet on the LH #5 rib a bit because air pressure (100 psi) was too high. Proper air pressure for the yoke and dies I used was 90 psi. Will need to replace this rivet.

Used pneumatic squeezer for the top line of AD-3-4 skin to rear spar rivets. I under-squoze these a bit with 42.5-45 psi. (Had a few over-squeezings, finding the right pressure, which required drill out and replace with oops rivets.) Then I went back to touch up the squeeze with a hand squeezer to get final dimension on the shop heads.
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