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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  11-26-2006
Number of Hours:  4.50
Manual Reference:  6-4
Brief Description:  Rudder

Riveted rudder spar and its hard-point doublers, bottom rib, control horn, & shim together. Installed the horn brace with solid rivets, hand-squeezed. The longeron yoke went thru the big hole in the back of the horn brace just fine. The thin universal head dies that came with the E-bay pneumatic squeezer I bought are useful for getting the yoke aligned right in tight spaces. The rudder skins had several scratched areas that were sanded, scotch brited, MEK-wiped, then brush primed. I also put spots of primer on skin stiffeners where the back riveting had knocked off the priming.

While that was drying, clecoed the CW rib to CW skin and then to rudder skeleton. Set the AN-3-3.5 rivets of the CW skin to CW rib. Installed the CWt and bolted it in. Had to file two grooves on the side of the Cwt so it fit between the shop heads of the most forward rivets on the sides of the CW rib. Snugged the Cwt nuts but they need to be properly torqued. Clecoed the rudder skins in place, including the bottom attach straps on the bottom rib. Per the manual set the 6 rivets each side attaching the CW skin to the rudder skins. Clecoed on the tip rib in place (can't rivet until CW bolts are torqued!). Riveted the RH skin to spar except for last 3 holes at tip, inside the CW space.
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