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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  9-2-2006
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  6-4
Brief Description:  Rudder

Continue 9/2/2006: Took apart the clecoed rudder skeleton and removed all blue plastic from faying surfaces. Put everything back together, adding the stiffened skins and trailing edge AEX wedge. Match drilled (#40) the R-710 Horn Brace to the R-904 bottom rib and rudder skins. Drilled the R-918 Attach Strips (for the Fiberglas Rudder Bottom) to the R-904-bottom rib and skins.

I didn't put the right Attach Strip far enough forward. The edge distance on the first hole (nearest the Horn Brace) was way too small. I didn't have a piece of 0.032 that was 18" long, so I decided to split the Attach Strip into two pieces, each 9" long. Each piece will have 4 attach holes (total of 8) for the fiberglas rudder bottom.

At this point, all rudder components are clecoed together, but only the #40 holes on the R-904 bottom rib, plus the bottom hole on the R-902 spare, are match-drilled.

Other observations:

The little tab of rudder skin that fits around the Rudder Horn interferes just a bit--will need to open up the slot defining the tab a little bit.

The rudder bottom fiberglas piece has mold lines defining the rudder horn cutouts. But it includes a tail-light mold and it looks like there's a half-inch strip on the edge to cut off too.

Skins seem to be oil-canning--will they tighten up once riveted? Or is there something not fitting right?
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