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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  7-15-2019
Number of Hours:  0.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  FIRST FLIGHT, PART III

Then the 10” Dynon went black and started rebooting all by itself. The 7” replaced all the EMS gauges with a big red x, which I had seen before, since it tends to boot faster than the 10”. When the 10” screen came up, EMS outputs displayed sensible (and not frozen) indications, and everything appeared normal again.

But not surprisingly, we both thought it prudent to land at that point.

Barry flew a wide descending circle, as close to the edge of the glide cone as he was comfortable with, to bring a slippery RV-9A airframe all the way down from 4000-ish MSL. (KLVK field elevation is 400 MSL.) The instrument glitch scrubbed the flaps test point, but they deployed half-way as soon as we hit 85 just fine, and went down all the way at 78 kias. Barry said the flaps changed pitch attitude a degree or two, but sure didn’t seem to add a lot of drag. It took an bomber-worthy downwind to get down to a fair claim of pattern altitude, but darned if we weren’t 75 kias over the fence and 70 kias just past the numbers at touchdown.

I taxied back to the hanger and immediately shut down to push 8PK back in (John was following close behind—his hangar is down the alley from mine). I didn’t get the Hobbs off the Dynon, so I flipped the master back on: 7” Dynon booted up normally, but the 10” Dynon put up a message screen, saying that the system had experienced “System Event 5”, and claimed that doesn’t necessarily mean the system is unairworthy. Gee, ya think so?
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The RV Grin (I swear I had more hair when I started this project...)

The RV Grin (I swear I had more hair when I started this project...)

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