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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  7-13-2019
Number of Hours:  0.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  FIRST FLIGHT, PART I

RV-9A N748PK first flight report: a smashing success but for a glitch with the flight computers…
Additional pilot Barry Weber in the right seat; yours truly in the left. Each tank at 12 gal; completely naked, unfaired landing gear.

Perfect CAVU day, 59 F OAT, altimeter 29.98, wind 290 at 5 kts. Rolled up to the movement area line with chase pilot John Goldsmith in his RV-7A seconds before KLVK tower opened at 0700 PDT. Informed tower: Test flight of 2, request left downwind from 25R, climb from pattern altitude to operate block 3500-5000 MSL above the class Delta, orbiting airport within glide range.
No red flags during run-up. Initial climb on takeoff 1200 fpm, full rich (stayed there the whole flight), rpm 2300, fuel flow 15 gph (uncal’d red cube). Climbing at 100 kias, CHTs just hitting 420 F as we turned downwind. Toasty but not unexpected for a new engine. Resumed climb to 5000 @ 100 kias at a slower climb rate, about 800 fpm. Max obsvd CHT was 426 F on cylinder 2. (Odd, after all I’ve read about the ills of rear cylinders 3 and 4….)

Passing through the class Delta ceiling, switched COM to 122.75. John checked in from chase, and my son Karl on the ground listening in on my handheld and 911 queued up on his cell phone just in case.

Level at 5k MSL: CHT's fell back to 390-405F. Gentle handling tests (roll 10-15 deg R and L, pitch a couple of deg U and D, yaw L and R) commenced at 100 kias, then 105, 110, 115, and 120 kias. CHTs cooled down another 10-15 F as airspeed increased. Oil temp was 209 F.
(John later reported same oil temp for his bird. I noticed later, reviewing the Dynon log data, that OAT had climbed to 78 F at altitude. Say what? Maybe mounting the probes on the sides of the fuse, under the horizontal stab, exhausts them too much?)
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Ready for engine start: N748PK with John's RV-7A in the rear view

Ready for engine start: N748PK with John's RV-7A in the rear view

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