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Kurt Haller RV-9A
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Date:  11-22-2017
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Cut the sticks to length! (Consult, measure for l

With the flaps and ailerons rigged, was able to "box the sticks" and determing how much to cut them down so the top of the grip doesn't interfere with the throttle/mixture/purge/alt air controls. The pilot stick had to include room for a thumb covering the (unpressed) PTT switch at the top of the stick. The copilot removeable stick has no buttons on it, but I made it as long as the pilot stick and there's room for a thumb atop its grip as well.

I was able to immobilize the pilot stick between my legs and gently apply a dremel cut-off wheel (carbon fiber gritted wheel for metal) while holding a shop vac hose in close proximity to pick up most of the swarf. A ring of blue painters tape made the cutline very visible, but I first cut 1/4" shy to make sure. Copilot stick was a comparative cinch as it could be detached and cut on the bench.

Chatted with Ralph Cloud about legally adding hanger lights without violating airport rules or spending thousands on a commercial electrical job. The airport is evidently cool with 4 ft luminaires hanging from jack chain attached to the hangar's steel beam framing with jack chains. Each 120V fixture has a 5' three-prong pigtail, which can be interconnected with a combination of multi-outlet extension cords, with one plug going to the wall outlet (or a power strip). Since the extension cords are not attached to structure, they are not considered permanent wiring. And unplugging the cords when the hanger is unoccupied passes safety concerns. That, and make sure all the electrical stuff has a UL mark.

So, went to Lowes and picked up 4x 3000 lumen, 4 ft LED luminaires + hardware + UL recognized extension cord. They will hang from the second and fourth beams from the door, one on each side of the plane, about 8' from the floor. Leaves an 8 ft wide "alley" for the veritical fin to pass through as the plane goes in and out of the hangar.
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Pilot and copilot stick lengths set.

Pilot and copilot stick lengths set.

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