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Jay's Cruzer
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Date:  4-12-2019
Number of Hours:  9.20
Manual Reference:  C75-NA-1
Brief Description:  Windshield

3.0 Hours
Riveted the eight A5s in the forward door trim supporst. Called Roger at Zenith to ask about the windshield. He said to trim just above the rivet line of the foreward top skin (glareshiedl) also to enlarge the relief holes where the wing spar goes. I asked if the foreward edge was infront or behind the rivet line where the the glareshield attaches to the firewall. He said either way.. I trimed a half inch above rivet line. Could not get the windshield to fit on both sides by starting on pilot side. Tried starting on right side and it fit (aarg).

3.1 Hours
More windshield. Trimed shield a litttle more around wing spars. May have to use a clip to hold bottom of shield against fuselage as shield flares out a bit leaving about a one inch gap. Trimed lower aft edge of glareshield to be flush with door.

3.1 Hours
Trimed windshield foreward edge and rounded corners at lower edge. Marked drill line on the two window support trim. Started working on left door first. Had to trim the lower rear edge of glareshield so the trim support would fit against the cabin frame steel tube. Back drilled top and bottom holes into steel tube.
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