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Jay's Cruzer
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Date:  5-4-2020
Number of Hours:  6.20
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Elevator bungee, stab tips, fuel gauge calibration

2.7 Hours
Made the elevator bungee more "aviation" by making loop in end and securing with safety wire. Put back in acft. Masked then painted stabilizer tips. Removed masking.

3.5 Hours
Drained fuel from tanks. Did the fuel gauges calibration. Very tedious. Up a ladder. Pour in a gallon of fuel, down the ladder then push some buttons on the Dynon. Repeat 15 times for each tank. Display did not show 15 gallons or full, just 13+. Adjusted display so left and right were in correct place. As I went, marked fuel dip stick at 1/2 and full (already had it marked at 1/4 from fuel flow test day).

No build hours. Drained 5 gallons from each wing tank in prep for engine run later this week and to check the gauges. One read 9 the other 8 (should have been 9).Updated Dynon data base. Borrowed cable tension meter from Bent Wing Aviation. Scheduled tarnsponder check from Casperr Air Service for end of week.
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Stabilizeer tips painted

Stabilizeer tips painted

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